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Morbus Tenebris  

☩ Neoclassical Gothic Instrumental Music ☩

The second album by Morbus Tenebris, “Eternal Night”, is currently being produced and will be released in the summer of 2019.

Artwork by Hannah Chowaniec

“Shadows On The Wall” Released: September 7th, 2018.

An insidious haunted house themed attraction entitled “Gravestone Manor” mysteriously appears at different traveling carnivals and fairs across the country.  The ghoulishly illustrated characters on the façade morbidly peer into the souls of all who warily contemplate entering.  Perhaps these imaginative fiends are indeed real and are lying in wait beyond the pitch-black doorway.  Venture through a foreboding musical journey and attempt to survive the merciless twists and turns ahead as shadows on the wall come to life.


Tracks (46:59)

01: Lost At Midnight | 2:36

02: Shadows On The Wall | 2:11

03: Mural of Horror | 2:19

04: Midway Memories | 3:08

05: Sanguivoriphobia | 2:05

06: The Vampiress | 3:04

07: Nyctophobia | 3:04

08: Nocturnal Wandering | 3:29

09: Immortal Nightmare | 3:14

10: Dark Remembrance | 1:54

11: Odious | 2:09

12: Blackened Heart | 2:40

13: Teraphobia | 2:21

14: Funereal Apparition | 3:11

15: Gravestone Manor | 2:28

16: Shifting Darkness | 1:37

17: Luminita | 2:31

18: Disquietude | 2:51


"Morbus Tenebris has made a great first impression with Shadows On The Wall." --- Gravedigger's Local 16


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About the artist:
Benjamin Fouché is the composer and performer for Morbus Tenebris, as well as the author of his Gothic story website, www.spookinite.com.

“Shadows On The Wall” is the debut novel written by Benjamin Fouché.  The story explores how potent the mind can be, as well as the many fears it conjures. Published: August 13th, 2018.

The synopsis: Three fears tormented my mind as a child: Nyctophobia—the fear of darkness.  Teraphobia—the fear of monsters.  And Sanguivoriphobia—the fear of vampires.  Usually, as one grows older, such ridiculous terrors gradually subside.  Yet mine only persisted. The grave events began during my boyhood. They transpired on the night of which I discovered my remarkable gift.  But on that night, my three fears also ravenously and quite literally came forth into this world.  As a result, I had to make a choice—and I confess, the choice I made has cost me nearly everything. For fourteen years there was a calm in my life. Alas, it was one o’ clock a.m.—the dead of night—when the late-summer wind silently declared their return to this world.  Indeed, they are coming for me—and my time wanes with the dying light of my candlestick’s wavering flame.

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